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The earth endures forever! ... Ecclesiastes 1:4


How we came to the preterist view
Verses to ponder
"Heavens and Earth"

Covenant Eschatology
Fulfilled Prophecy

You've Got to be Kidding, Right? (DVD)

World Without End Web Site

All Things Fulfilled

Beyond the End Times

Preterist Voice Web Site

Prophecy Fulfilled

Tree of Life Web Site

Interpreting Revelation

What about the 1,000 year reign? (scroll to bottom of page)

"Heavens and earth" understood

New heavens & earth = New covenant

Prophetic Fulfillment by Josephus

Biblical Preterist Archive

101 Imminent Time Statements

Song: 2000 Years and Counting by Jeff Reulbach

Daniel's 70th Week Timeline Chart

More Timeline Charts

Bible Prophecy Fulfilled

David Curtis and Richard Anthony's Intro to Preterism

"Failed" 1st Century return causes some Christians to abandon their faith!

"A day is as 1,000 years" (2 Peter 3:8) Also see 1,000 yr reign link

Is the Mark of the Beast for today?

Revelation's Beast!

When was Revelation written?

Destruction of the Temple AD70


"If I will that he (John) remain till I come, what is that to you?..." - Jesus to Peter in John 21:22